How to onboard a payment terminal

How to add a payment terminal to your chargers and configure it

The menu item Manage > Payment Terminal offers the possibility to manage your payment terminals. 

All payment terminals which have already been created are shown in an overview, distinguished between integrated and standalone payment terminals. The following information are displayed:

  1. Name
  2. Terminal ID: The Terminal ID is provided by the Payment Service Provider (PSP).
  3. Serial number: payment terminal serial number
  4. Charging station ID: ID of the assigned charger. Clicking on the charging station ID will forward to the charging station detail page.
  5. Street
  6. Postal code
  7. City
  8. Tariff: If a valid tariff has been assigned, this is shown here as a green tick. If an invalid tariff has been assigned, this is shown here by an orange warning triangle, with explanatory information on the corresponding error being displayed on mouse over. The following error messages are possible:
    1. "Please ensure that the payment terminal charger supports the price components of the assigned tariff.": A tariff can consist of a price per minute, per charging session and/or per kWh. If one of these price components cannot be processed by the charger, the tariff is marked as invalid.
    2. "Please ensure that the tariffs for all AC and DC charge points are identical. The tariffs between AC and DC charge points may differ.": Within the AC and DC charge point, the tariff must be the same for all charge points. If a different tariff is assigned to at least one AC or DC charge point, the tariff is marked as invalid.
    3. Both above-mentioned errors apply, so the tariff is marked as invalid.


Clicking on the payment terminal entry or the arrow icon will expand an extended overview with further information.


Changes can be initiated by clicking on the Edit icon. Here, you can adjust the master data of the payment terminal and the receipt server as well as change the assigned charger. Click on the Delete icon to delete a payment terminal.

Use the Create Payment Terminal button in the corresponding tab Integrated or Standalone to create a new payment terminal. After the wizard opened, and you moved on to the second step of the modal, you need to select the Payment Terminal Type, assign a Name, enter the Payment Terminal Serial number as well as the Terminal ID (TID).


In the next step, it is required to set a Password that is used for basic authentication between the charger and the receipt server. The Receipt Server Username is created automatically. Please make a note of this data for the configuration on your charger.


The last step is to assign the charger to the payment terminal which is installed in the charger itself. The list of chargers can be limited using the search and filter function. The process is completed by clicking on the Save and Continue button.payment-terminal_06

Please check in the hardware configuration if the charger to be assigned operates in fair mode. It must not be in fair mode as this will cause authorizations to fail!