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What is a blocking fee?

Definition of blocking fee and how to set it up

The blocking fee is a fee that is getting billed to an EV driver after a certain amount of time spent connected to a charge point, hence we also refer to it as "Price per Minute". It can be compared to a parking fee.

You can configure the blocking fee by adding a "Price per Minute" to your tariff. Select Pay > Manage CPO Tariffs and create a new tariff. 

As it is optional to set a blocking fee, you need to enable the option with the switch in order to fill the parameters.

Existing tariffs cannot be edited for plausibility reasons.


In the example shown above, the blocking fee will be applied after 180 minutes (3 hours) for AC charging sessions and will bill 2 cents for every minute the charge point is blocked. The start of the charging session is used to determine when the price per minute (or blocking fee) will start billing.

A price per minute (or blocking fee) can only be set in addition to a price per kWh!

For more detailed information about how to set up tariffs and a price per minute (or blocking fee) please refer to the following articles: