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How to assign CPO tariffs

How to set and assign tariffs from a CPO perspective

As Direct Payment provider or eMarketplace CPO, you can define and configure your individual marketing conditions of your charging infrastructure. Based on this information, your remuneration is calculated which is then issued as a credit note by vaylens.

In the section Pay > Manage CPO Tariffs, you can set different tariffs with specific prices for AC and DC charge points. This functionality enables you to set different prices as are set by default via the system or initially. In the context of tariff creation, AC as well as DC price components are to be set, so that the set tariff can be assigned to your AC and DC charge points. This step is also necessary in case only AC charge points are operated. In case, DC infrastructure is extended, the future and uncomplicated assignment of existing tariffs is ensured.

In the overview page, all existing tariffs are displayed.


Tariff configuration is done in the group administration mode. By clicking on the icon in the top right corner, a new tariff can be created. Please enter a tariff name in the modal that opens.

Next, you set the prices for the offering and usage of AC and DC infrastructure. There are two pricing components that can be set: 

Price per kWh: The credit note given to you as CPO is based on the amount of charged energy. This field is mandatory for German CPOs.

Price per minute: (Also referred to as Blocking fee.) The credit note for you as CPO is calculated for every started minute of a charging session. 


After saving, the tariff is created. After this step, the modal closes and the newly created tariff is shown in the tariff overview.

By clicking on one of the tariffs in the overview page, a details page of the respective tariff opens where prices for AC and DC charge points can be found. In case the tariff is already assigned to any charge points, it is activated and marked with the respective symbol.

As a consequence of tariff activation, this tariff cannot be edited anymore in the details view neither be deleted by clicking on the recycle bin symbol in the tariff overview. This behavior is necessary as all tariffs that were assigned to chargers, are called on for charging sessions and therefore must be saved secure for revision.


By selecting a tariff, you are guided to the respective configuration where the tariff can be edited by clicking on the symbol as long as it has not been activated.

Finally there is the possibility to determine a default tariff. This tariff with its conditions will then be automatically assigned to all new charge points that are added to vaylens portal. Therefore, you do not need to worry about possible charge points that have no tariffs and you losing money. To set a default tariff, please select the appropriate tariff, click the "Set as default tariff" icon and confirm it again. Default tariffs get the label „Default“ in the tariff overview page. As soon as you register a new charge point, the default tariff is automatically assigned. This default tariff is valid as long as you assign a different tariff in the menu point Assign CPO Tariffs.


Assign CPO Tariffs

After having individually created tariffs in the section Manage CPO Tariffs, these ones can be assigned to charge points in the Assign CPO Tariffs menu point.

The assignment process starts with the selection of the charge points for the tariff assignment. There are two ways of selecting charge points.

On the tab Assign by charge port, the charge points are selected individually from the list. Selected charge points are also shown at the end of the list. For cancelling the selection, you can either uncheck the respective charge point in the list or click on the X symbol.

On the tab Assign by filter it is possible to restrict the result list based on given filter criteria. The chosen tariff is assigned to all charge points that are shown in the list. For the limitation of the selection list you have different filter options at your disposal as well as the Magic Search.

Further information on filter criteria can be found in All about charging infrastructure.


The selection of charge points is confirmed by clicking on Assign Tariff. A modal then opens where you choose the tariff as well as the date and time when the tariff becomes valid. Please note that the tariff assignment can only be scheduled with a lead time of 15 minutes. One charge point can only be assigned to one tariff resulting in the replacement of an old tariff assignment.


By clicking on Assign Tariff you confirm the entered information and start the assignment process. The tariff assignment is done via the system and cannot be stopped.

After the completion, a summary is displayed that shows eventually wrong assignments. For example, tariffs can only be assigned to charge points when having the same currency.