User Management

Get to know user roles and respective permissions

Since you have the role of Portal Admin, under the menu item Portal > Portal User, you can view all your access data assigned to your customer and also create and edit new portal users. The portal users can be assigned to your company (the so-called customer account) and locations in order to improve and expand your authorization structure. If you are a group of companies and have different group companies, users can also be created for several customer accounts.

More information on assigning locations can be found in Location Management.

Portal users are differentiated by different permission levels, so that portal users can have limited access to certain functions:


1. Admin

➛ The Admin is the administrator role of the customer. It can monitor and manage the charging infrastructure as well as create other users for the respective provider. Moreover, the admin can create locations and assign those to other customer roles in order to restrict their access to certain chargers of the customer. Moreover, as sole customer role, the admin can download technical log files.


2. Operator

➛ The Operator is the normal user of a customer. It can monitor and manage charging infrastructure. The role can be restricted to certain locations leading to restricted access to the charging infrastructure of the provider.


3. Observer (Read Only)

➛ The role Observer is read-only. This way, a user can be granted access to monitor the charging infrastructure and EMP functionalities, whiles the management functions are limited to read-only access.


4. eOperate Partner (Read Only)

➛ The eOperate Partner role is a read only function. This way access can be granted to persons which can only monitor the charging infrastructure. EMP functionalities as EMAID management, contract management and voucher management are not displayed.


5. Supplier Manager

➛ The Supplier Manager manages the Suppliers, CPOs of C4E. He can create, read and update its CPO's tariffs and assign the tariffs to CPs.


6. Supplier

➛ The Supplier is a CPO related to Charge4Europe, who wants to check the tariffs created and assigned by the supplier manager. It is a function role with read-only access.


7. Sub Operator

➛ The Sub Operator was created to enable a reseller light role in the portal. By creating different locations for each reseller customer and only assigning the Sub Operator role, the access of each reseller customer is restricted to the charging infrastructure of those locations. Overarching functionalities like Voucher Management, Contract Management and Access Control cannot be done with this role.


8. Customer Hotline Agent

➛ The Customer Hotline Agent role is provided for hotline support of CPOs via vaylens portal to assist customers with problems with their charging infrastructure. Therefore, the role can access information from chargers and charge points operated by each CPO, as well as remote controls for starting, stopping and restoring charging connections.


9. Admin (price restricted)

➛ The Admin (price restricted) has the same functions as the ‘normal’ Admin with the restriction that price-relevant information cannot be viewed or changed.

If you want to create a new portal user, click on Create User. logo-newThe following information must be entered below:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Role
  4. Email Address
  5. Mobile phone number(not mandatory)

In the next step you can assign the user to a customer account(„Client Account“) as well as to a location.

If you do not select a location, the so-called "Default Location" will be assigned to the user. This contains all chargers of the selected customer account.

If you finally save the entered data, the user will be created and then sent an automatic e-mail. With the help of this e-mail the account can be activated via a link and a password can be created.


You can filter the list of all portal users by roleuser locked and first login. Furthermore, it is also possible to search for a Portal user directly by his email address using the search field User. If you expand the portal user using the arrow, you will find more detailed information about the respective portal user. You can edit the user by clicking on the editing icon in the respective line. The input window has the same structure as the window for creating a portal user. If you select the User locked slider, the respective portal user is locked for the entire portal. A user can be deleted via the "trashcan" symbol in the respective line. This user is then automatically moved to the Archived tab.


Inactive and locked user

To simplify the maintenance of inactive portal users, they are automatically locked and deleted:

Inactive users are automatically locked 90 days after last login. The users will be informed regularly (21, 14, 7, 3 and 1 day(s)) before this date about the upcoming locking via e-mail. In addition, the e-mail points out that the locking can be prevented by logging in again.

Locked users are automatically deleted 30 days after locking. There are three reasons that can lead to the locking of a user:

  1. The user has not logged in for 90 days
  2. The user has entered the wrong password three times
  3. The user was manually locked by an administrator

At the time of the locking, the user will be informed by e-mail about the locking and the upcoming deletion. In addition, the e-mail will indicate that the user account can be unlocked again by an administrator.