Location Management

How to assign user groups to specific charger clusters within your charging infrastructure

Under the function Portal > Location Management, you have the possibility to distribute your charging infrastructure into different authorization groups (so-called "Locations"). Locations can be used within the framework of user administration to enable individual users to access only part of their charging infrastructure. For example, they can divide their charging infrastructure according to different company locations and allow the respective location manager access to the charging infrastructure of his location; access to other locations that are not within the area of responsibility can thus be excluded.
A charger can be included in several authorization groups (locations). This can be used to represent when chargers are to be accessed by more than one area of responsibility by creating additional authorization groups.

Locations are configured via group administration. To do this, you can create a new authorization group using the Create icon. A modal opens, which guides you through the group creation in several steps. In the first step you define the group Name and a Description


In the second step, you select the chargers that are to be included in the authorization group. To do this, select the relevant chargers in the selection list. Selected chargers are additionally represented by a chip at the bottom of the selection list. To deselect, you can either remove the selection from the list or deselect the chip of the respective charger (X).

Various filters and the Magic Search are available for restricting the selection list.

More information about the filter option can be found in All about Charging infrastructure.


After confirming the setup in the third step, the authorization group is created. The modal then closes and the newly created group appears in the group overview. The number next to the group name reflects the number of assigned chargers.


You can use the editing icon to edit existing authorization groups. You can delete existing groups or change their names and assigned charger. The procedure is the same as for group creation.

Selecting an authorization group takes you to the relevant group menu. Here you can view the locations of the chargers on a map on the Configuration tab.


On the tab Members, you can see a list with all assigned chargers.