All about the Dashboard

Get to know the vaylens starting page and how to use it to monitor your charging infrastructure

Once you have logged into vaylens portal, you can explore the portal starting from the Dashboard. In addition to a search function, notifications and direct access to your user profile in the top right corner, you will find a navigation bar Menu on the left-hand side of the screen for navigating the portal.

System StatusLegal Notice and Privacy Policy are also located here.

Disabled features are not included in your purchased product. Feel free to contact us to expand your product.

The Help in the bottom right corner offers several help and feedback functions to support you in using the portal. 


What does the dashboard show you? The dashboard gives you an initial overview of your charging infrastructure. Four different tiles show you the current status of your charge points:

:green_circle: available: free charge points where charging is possible

:yellow_circle: occupied: charge points to which a car is connected (or where charging sessions are carried out)

:red_circle: not available: charge points that are not available for technical reasons

:white_circle: inoperative: charge points that are not in operation

By clicking on one of the described cards, you will be forwarded to Charging Infrastructure and see a list of the charge points with the selected status.


The dashboard also contains a bar graph that can display three values over time:

Energy: The bar graph on the dashboard shows by default the amount of energy that your chargers have delivered during a selected time period.Dahboard-energy

Revenue: By clicking on the Revenue tab the bar chart shows the potential revenue of your chargers during a selected time period.

Dahboard-revenueSessions: By clicking on Sessions the bar chart shows the number of sessions in addition to the energy and the expected turnover.


If tariffs with different currencies are defined on your charging infrastructure a selection field for currency is given. The potential revenue is then displayed only chosen for the charging infrastructure billed in the chosen currency.

The time period can be changed by switching between 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and 12 months in the upper right corner.

The potential revenue is calculated based on the price set of the charge points valid at the time of the charging process. Please note that the amount paid is regulated in the contract conditions.
The graph contains only those charge records which were conducted in the chosen currency. There is no conversion of charge records among the currencies.

A summary of the system status is displayed on the right. This allows you to see at a glance whether all vaylens systems are working or whether there are problems with a system.

Today's statistics summarize revenue, number of sessions and charged energy during the past day.


By clicking on the map view you are redirected to a map view of your charging infrastructure. Here, single chargers or whole clusters can be displayed based on the zooming level. The colour code of the charger status looks like follows:

  • Green: At least one charge point is in the status „available“ and no charge point has an “error”.
  • Yellow: All charge points are „occupied“.
  • Blue: All charge points are in status „charging“.
  • Red: At least one charge point is in status “not available”.
  • Grey: All charge points are in “unknown” status.


By clicking on the charge point, the following information are shown: Charger Name, Charger Number, Status and Address.


If you have assigned more than one business partner, you can select one so that the data in the dashboard is displayed per business partner:dashboard-selectprovider-1