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Voucher Management

How to use vouchers to authorize charging sessions on your charging infrastructure

Under the menu item Manage > Voucher Management, you can create vouchers to authenticate charging processes on your charging infrastructure in vaylens portal or your customers (e.g. via the eCharge+ app). More information on how to enable charging using vouchers via vaylens portal, can be found in the chapter Charging Infrastructure > Charge port Details.

In the voucher list, all vouchers defined in the system are listed with information on their validity. The export symbol can be used to create a CSV export from the result list.

Existing vouchers can be deleted using the "trash can" symbol. Please note that vouchers deleted via the portal can no longer be used for the authentication of loading processes.

The result list can be filtered by entering one or more coupon codes Voucher code or by entering a coupon name Voucher name. In addition, it is possible to filter the vouchers according to their status (active/inactive).


To create new vouchers, please click on the Create icon. In the input window that opens, you can enter the following information:

  1. Number of vouchers: The number of vouchers to be created
  2. Sessions per voucher: The number of authenticatable charging sessions
  3. valid from, to: Validity period of the vouchers
  4. Duration per session: Specifies how long the voucher can be used per charging session. With the option Unlimited, there is no time limit for the individual charging session

After confirming the entries by clicking on Create, the vouchers are generated and appear in the result list after a short time.