Profile groups and configuration

How to mass configure charging stations with LG2WAN protocol

The menu point Manage > Profiles is for mass configuration of chargers with LG2WAN protocol. For certain profile groups, specific configurations are set. These are sent as rollout to all gateways of this profile group. 


Profile groups and configuration 

New profiles are created by clicking on the respective button. In the opening modal, a profile specific name as well as an optional profile description are given. After clicking Create, the profile group appears in the group overview. Next to the group name, you can find the number of assigned gateways. 

Create Profile

After selecting a profile group, the configuration happens on the Configuration tab. A time stamp next to the profile name shows the time of last changes of the profile. Parameters are configured independent of firmware of the gateways but separated by Gateway type (LSX, LSG, ACCU) on different tabs. 

Configuration Profile

Configurable parameters are divided into sections. These are edited separately by clicking on the edit icon. In the opening modal, the values of the parameters can be defined according to the parameter syntax. The entered values are validated according to set value areas. After having saved the changes, the modal closes and the parameters are saved temporarily (yellow marks). 

While changing the profile, temporary saved parameters are set back to the original values.

Edit Parameters

After having edited all necessary sections, a rollout can be initiated for all gateways assigned to the profile. The configuration is saved for the profile (blue marks) and are sent to the gateways without considering the respective syntax (dependent on gateway type and firmware version). On the members tab, the status of the rollout can be checked. 

  1. Rollouts can only be initiated when at least one parameter was changed in the configuration. 
  2. Only parameters according to the syntax of a gateway are used in the rollout. Other parameters are not sent to the gateway. 


Profile groups members 

On the Members tab, additional information about assigned gateways can be displayed. The information include: 

  1. Gateway ID: Identifier of the assigned gateway 
  2. Charging station ID: Chargers of the assigned gateways 
  3. Charge port ID: Charge points of the assigned gateways 
  4. Typ: Gateway Type (LSX, LSG, ACCU) 
  5. Firmware : Firmware version of the gateways 
  6. Provider : Provider of the chargers 
  7. Configuration: In this column possible gateway subsettings are shown. These can be configured on the LG2WAN parameters tab or in the Quick Config. Subsettings overwrite definitions of the profile. 
  8. Rollout status : The rollout status shows the progress status of the upload of the profile configuration for the assigned gateways. The status is divided into the following values: 
    1. Initial : The rollout was requested in the system, the successful start of the process was, however, not yet approved. 
    2. Requested: The rollout was requested successfully in the system. 
    3. Sent: The configuration was sent to the system 
    4. Accepted: The configuration was successfully sent to the system and will be sent to the gateways. 
    5. Declined: The configuration was declined by the system and will not be sent to the gateways. 
    6. Mismatach: The configuration of the profile is not similar to the gateway configuration. 

By extending the entries, more information is shown: 

  1. Address : Installation address of the charger 
  2. Owner: Owner of the charger 

Edit Parameters

By clicking on the edit icon, new gateways can be added to the profile. The selection is done in the opening modal. In the list you find only the rollout status (Initial, Accepted, Failed, Mismatch). Gateways in active rollout (Requested, Sent ) cannot be assigned to a profile. 

For filtering the selection list, different filter options are available as well as the Magic Search. Gateways that are already assigned to a profile, have a note in the column Profile

 Edit Parameters

After clicking on Save, the configured profile is reloaded automatically on the newly assigned gateways. By deleting one gateway on a profile, the definition according to the firmware is sent. The status of the rollout can be checked on the rollout status. In case the profile configuration was declined by several gateways (Failed), or there is a (Mismatch), the rollout can be repeated (Retry Upload). 

  1. A gateway can only be assigned to one profile group. The selection of an already assigned gateway requires a separate confirmation 
  2. A rollout of a profile can only be repeated if at least one of the assigned gateways has the status Rejected ("Failed") or Mismatch.