Manage Business Partner

How to manage your business partners in case you are a reseller or affiliate

As a reseller or affiliate, you can manage sub-business partners via the Manage Business Partner menu item. 

Sub-business partners that have already been created are displayed on the overview page. For each partner the Name and Business partner ID are displayed. If no sub-business partners have been created yet, this overview page is empty. 

Manage Sub-Business Partner Overview

New sub-business partners can be created using the plus icon. In the first step the name of the partner to be created must be provided. An email address, first name and last name are only mandatory in the affiliate model. The contact information is required to create an admin user for the newly created sub-business partner. The specified contact person receives an invitation to vaylens portal automatically, and can manage the charging infrastructure of the newly created partner as an admin. 
This data is optional in the reseller model. No vaylens user will be created. 

Create Sub-Business Partner

In the next step, resalable products can be assigned to the sub-business partner, that can be used directly by the partner. The assignment of products is optional and can be carried out at any time afterwards using the add icon in the overview page. 

It may take a few minutes for the products to be successfully created and assigned. 

Create Sub-Business Partner

If you click on a sub-business partner within the overview, the detailed view Resold Products opens, in which products that have already been assigned are displayed. The following information is listed: 

  1. Product Name 
  2. Product Code 
  3. Product Scope: Indicates the level at which the assignment is made 
  4. Billing Scope: Indicates the level at which billing takes place 
  5. Quantity: The number of assignments made by the sub-business partner 
  6. Assignment date: The date at which the product was assigned to the sub-business partner 

The table can be sorted by Product Name and Product Code

Resold Products